Shifting from Sand

The other day, I was sitting on the beach letting the waves lap up over me. In and out they came and went.  It didn’t take long for the sand to erode around me.  It was a challenge just to stay seated upright.  This brought back to mind thoughts I had earlier this month about building one’s foundation on sand or rock.  You know the story–Jesus tells his disciples that the foolish man built his house on the sand and the storm washed it away, unlike the wise man’s which was firmly founded on rock.

The beachAs with almost all that I am learning on this Christian walk, building on rock instead of sand is not a new concept, but the application is more fully revealed.  I remember as child chiding the silly man who thought it was a good idea to build on sand.  Anyone who had made a sand castle knew it couldn’t last!  Even as I grew older and understood the parable to be deeper–about life’s foundations–I did not internalize the application.  I was blind to my own architectural flaws.  It has taken the waves of life shifting my world around me for me to realize where I am founded.

Why am I so unsteady in my emotions, in my trust versus fears, in my anxiety?  Surely, I placed their weight on undependable structures.  Life is always moving.  Waves do not stop lapping.  I have to find a sure grounding if ever I am to be strong through the constant unknowns and trials ahead.  Ah, that is where Christ emerges–the cornerstone, the rock.  I’ve known that is what he is, but I now I know how vital he is to me as my sure foundation.

So much of the temporal has changed, but Jesus still remains the way, the truth, and the life.

He is the only one unchanging.  He is the only one always present with me.  He is the only one who will always be for me, love me.  He is.  Eternally without beginning and thousand years after his coming as a man, he is.  He is faithful to all these generations.  So much of the temporal has changed, but he still remains the way, the truth, and the life.

So, how do I move my foundation from the temporal to Christ?  I believe through prayer, taking thoughts captive, and meditation on the goodness of God, who he is, and who I am in him.  Realignment.