My prayer for a single believer

This is my prayer for you, girls, boys, single women and men, followers of Jesus.  I pray that as you look ahead with anticipation for a future with marriage that you may know that God equips you for every good work.  He will, and he has.  If marriage will further your ministries in the future, fear not, God will provide.  But right now, right now in your singleness, God has fully prepared you for the ministries of today.

IMG_20160420_080846You’re part of God’s best plan for your life, not his second best; you’re not living a shadow life second to a married one. No God has given you the gift of being able to serve today in the way he designed. Remember we do not measure our life on the things of this world; the way the world does–looking at it as missed opportunities or what-ifs. Rather, we measure our life by our service to Christ Jesus.  Your singleness is part of the equipping God has given you to perform the tasks he presently has for you.

I pray that you will hold onto the glorious hope of eternity when we will be with Jesus Christ, where all loneliness and wrongdoing will be gone. Yet, that you would bring that hope to bear not just on the future but on your life right now. Today, you can bring that hope of eternity to your friend or neighbor.  I pray that even today you will be a beacon of hope, a bearer of justice and kindness, a vessel of love, and messenger of the gospel to the individuals God has placed in your life.  I pray that you will not despair for the future, but rejoice in the gifting of the Lord today.

Rejoice that you are a part of his perfect plan for redemption.  Rejoice that you are not a forgotten one but a chosen and redeemed one.  Rejoice that you can partake in the glorious riches of God, and rejoice because he chooses to use you to bring about his kingdom on this earth.  This is my prayer for you.  This is my prayer for me.  Thank you, Father, for hearing and answering according to your will.


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