My prayer for a single believer

This is my prayer for you, girls, boys, single women and men, followers of Jesus.  I pray that as you look ahead with anticipation for a future with marriage that you may know that God equips you for every good work.  He will, and he has.  If marriage will further your ministries in the future, fear not, God will provide.  But right now, right now in your singleness, God has fully prepared you for the ministries of today.

IMG_20160420_080846You’re part of God’s best plan for your life, not his second best; you’re not living a shadow life second to a married one. No God has given you the gift of being able to serve today in the way he designed. Remember we do not measure our life on the things of this world; the way the world does–looking at it as missed opportunities or what-ifs. Rather, we measure our life by our service to Christ Jesus.  Your singleness is part of the equipping God has given you to perform the tasks he presently has for you.

I pray that you will hold onto the glorious hope of eternity when we will be with Jesus Christ, where all loneliness and wrongdoing will be gone. Yet, that you would bring that hope to bear not just on the future but on your life right now. Today, you can bring that hope of eternity to your friend or neighbor.  I pray that even today you will be a beacon of hope, a bearer of justice and kindness, a vessel of love, and messenger of the gospel to the individuals God has placed in your life.  I pray that you will not despair for the future, but rejoice in the gifting of the Lord today.

Rejoice that you are a part of his perfect plan for redemption.  Rejoice that you are not a forgotten one but a chosen and redeemed one.  Rejoice that you can partake in the glorious riches of God, and rejoice because he chooses to use you to bring about his kingdom on this earth.  This is my prayer for you.  This is my prayer for me.  Thank you, Father, for hearing and answering according to your will.


Hope for the Best

The last few months have been a whirl.  Packing up my life and moving temporarily in with my parents before permanently moving halfway across the country, it’s been a season of transition and change.  With that always comes the bitter and the sweet.  In my experience, more often than not the bitter is the temporal pains and the sweet the spiritual lessons gleaned along the way.  Springing from this season, eternal hope in glory is a sweet theme playing over and over in my heart.

13774350_1109086805796963_717508180_n(1)Hope is a touchstone word for me.  For so much of my life, hope was wrapped up in the earthly longings—hope for a husband, family, child; hope of a fulfilling vocation and career; hope for a home.  These hopes were no guarantees and nothing to depend upon.  In my reaction to crushed dreams, I tended toward eliminating hope.  “Prepare for the worst, and don’t hope for the best” was my mantra. It prohibited crushed expectations which soured life.  However, reading Romans 12:12, “Be joyful in hope,” or Romans 15:12, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit,” or Romans 5:3-5, “We know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.  And hope does not put us to shame,” or Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for,” filled me with shame for my lack of hope.  Although, I “knew” our hope was not founded on things of this earth but rather in things of heaven, I couldn’t claim it.  It wasn’t overflowing into my life.

My understanding of this hope eternal has grown through this move. In leaving my family—moving almost a thousand miles away—I gave up special times together, memories to be made, conversations to be had, baby cuddles, and hugs.  Besides the comforting confidence in following God’s will, the greater solace came in the knowledge that though I gave up time on earth with them, we will have all of eternity together.  Additionally, upon my arrival, I learned that a dear friend just received a diagnosis of cancer—terminal apart from the healing work of God.  The potential for a shortened time together here on earth, rallied this growing eternal hope within me.  For though I sorrow at the thought of not sharing more of my life with her, I am encouraged in the knowledge that any separation will be for a little while.  Eternity will be forever.

Of course, our hope eternal in glory is not only about the reunion of loved ones, but so much more.  It is the removal of sin and its wretched curse.  It’s the full satiation of all our longings in Christ Jesus our Savior.  It’s being at complete peace with God.  It’s the right ordering of all things.  Rather than shaming ourselves for longings, we can yearn for those things to be fulfilled in heaven–the rightful fulfillment.  In so doing, we follow Paul’s exhortation in Colossians 3:2, “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”

In the removal of the temporal, dearly loved ones and things in my life, God is breaking me free from the bounds of the earth and making way for me to follow faithfully with a view toward glory rather than merely five or ten years on earth.  Freedom comes in that outlook.  Hope overflows for that future when things will be made right and filled with all goodness.  “Hallelujah what a Savior,” we have for bringing about our salvation to this glorious end!