Are We Meaningless…?

Everything is meaningless, everything is vanity…

The truth of Ecclesiastes has been echoing through my days lately.  My routine has me going in circles to make money to spend on food and shelter and loans.  Eating and working ad naesiam until I die.  This is all of our lot.  We spend our precious lives merely trying to stay alive.  This begs the question, “For what?”  Surely, it must be that there is something more than this physical life!

flowersI turn my thoughts to consider the life and purpose of the other creations.  If you know me, it won’t come as a surprise that my mind settled on flowers.  Their delicacy boasts no power to accomplish.  Although some will give nectar to bees, in the larger picture, they are no necessity–seeming rather purposeless.  But wait!  I love flowers.  Seeing an exquisite array of color, shape, and shadow coupled with an aroma shoots off fireworks of joy in my heart.  I am filled with mirth that brings a sparkle to my eye, a smile to my lips, and a grateful praise to God.  If a flower, which appears more meaningless than a person, fulfills the purpose of bringing praise and glory to God, does this not moreover apply to my life, my purpose?

In our banal lives, we seek and fail to find meaning and purpose through the physical and tangible.  This is not the point of life!  We meet our purpose when the way we live–the way we let the beauty of God be manifest in our life–brings others to give glory to God.  When this happens, however trivial our life may seem, it is exceedingly valuable.  This frees us to let go of worldly treasures–success, wealth, and fame–and instead daily enjoy the peace that comes from fulfilling our true purpose.  May today we meet this higher calling!


One thought on “Are We Meaningless…?

  1. Take a look at this picture:

    The black space represents God. It’s illustrated as black space, because the concept doesn’t fit in our human brain. It’s a diagram that shows the development of the universe from the creation over time. It’s the condensed knowledge (depicted in a diagram) of the scientific community of how the universe was created and how it got to where we are today.

    Science = How? (means)
    Bible = Why? (purpose)

    As an accountant I understand how humans think in a box (like the diagram). But I also understand I have purpose, because I wouldn’t want to live without it.


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