God makes all things beautiful in their time…

SnSnowow softly falling covers the straw-like grass and the black, bare trees I have been looking at for weeks.  Snow transforms the death of winter into something beautiful.  God makes everything beautiful in it own time–even in the winter.

Spring brings the beauty of flowers. Summer the lush of green reflecting the dancing beams of sunlight.  In the fall, the trees bear the radiant hues of sunset.  Every season brings its beauty, but every season also has its times of ugly:  Winter the death of life, spring the rain and muddy puddles, summer the dry grass and scorched plants when there is no rain, and fall when the rain comes chilling, ripping the leaves from their perches.

Having a route to work that always passes orchards I have often seen a parallel between the apple trees and my life.  We both have seasons, season of life and death, of joy and hardship.  I find hope in my times of winter that spring always comes to clothe the trees in beauty so also I have hope for a spring of joy to follow in my life.  I have seen this to be true.

However, watching the snow fall this morning has prompted me to expand this parallel–no matter what season I am in, I can find beauty or ugly.  In my winters, I can still look for the snow and in my spring be aware it may rain.  God makes everything beautiful in its own time, but are we looking for it, even in our winters?


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